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Premium Natural Laundry Detergent-Powder [516]
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NATURALLY FRESH SCENT! *Eco-Label Approved laundry detergent

Available in 108 oz. and 216 oz. boxes.

Natural "OXYGEN" Rich Bleach!"MORE" Cleaning Power!

A powerful natural laundry detergent with excellent cleaning power, even in low temperature wash, using natural oxygenated bleach and plant based cleaning agents,with non-genetically modified enzymes.

*No Petroleum based cleaning agents!

*Dissolves and rinses away completely leaving no residue in your clothes, no optical brightening chemicals or phosphates, completely biodegradable, so it's not harmful to plumbing, septic tanks, or the natural environment.

*No fragrances or coloring agents. Our detergent does not mask dirt and odors with heavy fragrances but deep cleans your clothes getting into fibers to remove ground in dirt better. Clothes come out smelling clean and fresh.

*A Great Detergent for Outdoorsman that don't want scents or perfumes in there clothing!

*Great for baby clothes, diapers, undergarments, work clothes, sports wear, uniforms, your hard to clean stains!

*Cleans as well or better than the national name brands, using the standard detergency screening procedure guidelines in independent laboratory testing. Our Customers have noticed whites becoming noticeably whiter after repeated washings.

*Did You Know.... that the Laundry detergent that you are currently using contains basically the same ingredients that ours and all laundry detergents contain...... Except our Natural Laundry detergent is more earth & family friendly!

*We use vegetable oil based surfactants versus petroleum based.

*We use Natural Mineral based Oxygenated bleach versus chlorine bleaching agents.

*We also use Natural Stain removing and soil suspension ingredients versus hard to break down in the environment chemicals.

*We do not use any coloring agents or petroleum based perfuming chemicals.

*Many of the components in our laundry detergent carry Eco-Labels - EU Flower, Nordic Swan and the Bra Miljoval.

Our Detergent is better because we use more expensive Natural cleaning agents to protect our health and environment.

Think about this the next time you pick up a box of your favorite Grocery store Laundry Detergent!

* This is an "Ultra Concentrated Detergent" so you may be able to use less than your using now! "Think Less Clean More"

*Contains Natural Water Softening Agents. Works great in Soft or Hard Water Areas!

*Guranteed 100% to get your clothes clean and fresh!

*New,Dense Concentrate will get over 54 LARGE CAPACITY LOADS from one box, or more depending on your load size and washing preference. Compare our Laundry Detergent ounce for ounce to other companies products and you will find that we are the better value!

108 oz. box
*Use 1 or 2 ounces per load which will get you anywhere from 108 to 54 loads per box, depending on how dirty your clothes are, and your washing machine capacity!

216 oz. box
*Use 1 or 2 ounces per load which will get you anywhere from 216 to 108 loads per box, depending on how dirty your clothes are, and your washing machine capacity!

*Recommended laundry washing tips.
Follow manufactures recomendations for proper operation of washing machine.
Set washer to proper position for recomended load. Fill machine with warm water, add laundry detergent,Add fabric softener in dispensor cup to proper level. Add clothes, loosely without "Stuffing" or over loading. It is also important to presoak stains before they "set in". A laundry detergent paste will work as well as a spray on spot remover in pre treatment of stains!

*Ingredients include: sodium carbonates;sodium percarbonates;zeolites;silicates;cellulose derivatives;(natural minerals for bleaching, water softening, and anti-redeposition of soil particles)nonionic surfactant(vegetable oil based)enzymes(non-genetically modified, for protein and starch stain breakdown).

*No animal testing or animal products. Cruelty Free!

Quality made in the USA!
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